E-SNPs&GO - Prediction of protein variant pathogenicity

E-SNPs&GO is a machine-learning method for predicting the pathogenicity of human variations. E-SNPs&GO classify input variations into pathogenic or benign.

For details on the underlying method please see the Methods page.

For a tutorial on how to use the web server please see the Help page.

E-SNPs&GO Bioinformatics paper is available here.

E-SNPs&GO submission form
Sequence(s) and variation(s) input

Please, provide you input in the are below. Protein sequences must be in the FASTA format. The list of variations for each sequence, separated by commas, must be provided after the protein ID in the FASTA header. The accepted format for variarions is wild-type, position, variant, e.g.: V123G. The protein identifier cannot contain spaces, underscores ("_"), or commas. Click on the example buttons below to see example inputs in the correct format. The input can be either pasted or uploaded as a file. The server accepts up to 1000 variarions per submission.